Choosing a keyword is one of the most important steps in optimizing your webshop.

In this article we will explain how the keyword tool in ReloadSEO works and which data you can get from it.

The ReloadSEO keyword tool

Under the heading keywords, the first thing you'll find is the Keyword tool. The keyword tool has a direct connection with the Google Search API, Google Keyword Tool and third party keyword data.

This way we can give you an accurate overview of the use of keywords in any country you want.

To get started, enter a keyword in the search bar of the keyword tool.

For example, enter a product title, category or a general keyword here to find out how many people search for that keyword. In this example, we sell "Nike Air Max Shoes" and search on this as well.

A: Monthly searches

After you enter the keyword, the tool shows you exactly how many monthly searches there are for that keyword. So in our case, 390 monthly searches.

B: Competition

We measure the competition by the number of AdWords advertisers, backlink profiles of the organic search results and the on-page factors. In this case we see that there is a 100% strong competition

C: Position opportunity

Here ReloadSEO gives you an estimate of the possibility to rank within the top4. In our case it is 0% for this keyword.

D: Clicks per position

Based on the latest industry figures we can give you an accurate prediction of what the daily number of visitors will be if you make it into the top 4 for the relevant keyword. In this case we are talking about 80 daily visitors for this keyword if we get to number 1.

Related keywords

For each keyword we search for interesting long-tail keywords that have a lower search volume. These are then arranged in alphabetical order so you get a quick overview of the interesting keywords.

For example, in this example we see that "Nike Air Max Shoes sale" is also searched for a lot. If we click on the L for example, we can see that the Nike Air Max 90 is a popular shoe.

This is valuable information, we can then enter "Nike Air Max 90" again in the ReloadSEO tool to find out what the volume and competition is on this.

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