To give you a better insight into your search engine optimization performance, you can connect ReloadSEO with Google Analytics and Search Console.

This connection will allow us to give you even better advice, specific for your store. Also, when logging into ReloadSEO, you will have access to the most important data of your shop.

Please note: these numbers are specific to the organic (free) search engine results.

How do I connect Analytics with ReloadSEO?

When you log into ReloadSEO for the first time, we will immediately ask you to link your account.

When you click on Link with Google Analytics account you'll get a pop-up from Google asking you to sign in with your Google account. Choose for the Google account with which you also have access to the Analytics and Search Console data of your web store.

After entering your email address and password you will see a permission window asking you to link the data.

By clicking "Allow" you let Google know that we have permission to access and read the data for our ReloadSEO Dashboard. After you have done this the data will be read out immediately and loaded into your ReloadSEO Dashboard.

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